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The Importance of Lighting in Video Production: How to Get the Perfect Shot Every Time.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of video production. It can make or break a video, and it’s essential to get it right. Apart from the three main types of light, i.e., key, fill and backlight there are many other things to keep in mind when a cinematographer is setting-up lights. Lighting should support the portrayal to encompass the audience more in the narrative. It should always enhance the storytelling and should never be random.

As a cinematographer myself, I tend to create more of a natural set-up rather than a stylized set-up. My lights are always motivated which simulates either the source or practicals in the frame. One can also create stylized set-ups for say music videos, adverts, etc. but as mentioned above should never be random. A light should never draw attention to itself, rather should direct the attention to the intended element.

Hence cutting the light from unwanted places is very important. If the frame is a portrait of an actor, the DoP must cut lights from the background to emphasize the face of the actor. We can always change the mood of the lighting on the face simply by changing the position of the lights.

Lastly planning the light requirements according to the budget, available power, location size and location permission is important. No production will want to rent extra lights which are not required. This increases cost, requires more power and space to setup. Be mindful of how much is required as usually less is always more. Think of alternate ways to light when resource is scarce and most importantly create what is best for the narrative may it be planned or improvised.

Best of luck for your lighting set-up.

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